CCTV Installation & Monitoring

The most important thing to a person committing a crime is not being caught. CCTV is a major deterrent as it means that not only does the criminal have to contend with the crime but they must now also disguise themselves. This often makes them stand out before the crime has been attempted.

With the latest forms of detection Unique Specialist Services Group CCTV systems can detect and record criminals before they have attempted a break-in or theft. When these systems are remotely monitored via Internet or mobile technology, we can then either call the police, use a public address system to warn them off, or deploy our Mobile response units.

In recent years the quality of recordings has increased dramatically. This is mainly due to the use of digital technology within the CCTV industry, providing better pictures at a dramatically reduced cost which has made the systems so affordable that they are fitted not just too high risk businesses but to homes as well.

A small domestic system will allow you to view around your house from your television as well as to review recordings of previous day’s activity from your computer. You can if you wish even access the system from any internet point in the world or from your mobile phone.

Are security guards worth the money ?

Security guards and patrol programs are a good alternative when the presence of a person is needed. However the human element associated with these programs often falls way short of the expectation you might have for them.

The truth of the matter is:

  • Reports are often hard to read, missing or none existent.
  • Some Guards have been known to leave in the middle of their shift.
  • Guards sometimes cannot be seen on the property because they are sleeping at home or in their vehicle.
  • Guards often miss a lot of information that would be needed by the client.
  • Guards invite friends to meet them on the job site.
  • Guards can be expensive.

What are the alternatives for site protection?

The truth behind our service is…

Unique Specialist Services has a low cost service that will save you thousands per month on security. We can provide live monitoring of digital video surveillance cameras from our monitoring stations in the North West. We utilise high quality video analytics cameras which have the capability to stream live video feeds to our monitoring stations. Our cameras have two way audio capabilities that enable technicians to communicate with potential intruders in realtime. We will maintain a constant vigil of your development.

In the event a crime occurs the following events will take place:

  • The cameras analytics sense the intruder and automatically track the individual
  • Instantly our software will generate an alarm for the technician monitoring the screen to see.
  • The cameras begin to record at both ends of the system
  • The Technician will attempt to make contact using two way audio.
  • An emergency response is generated and one of our mobile response units can be despatched.

The Benefits ?

  • Our cameras do not cost ten’s of thousands per year to maintain.
  • Our cameras are always on time, every time.
  • Our cameras never leave the site or fall asleep.
  • Our cameras always tell the truth.
  • Our cameras can see more and be in more places at the same time.


Unique Specialist Services have the ability to install and monitor systems anywhere in the UK.

For more information on our CCTV Installation and Monitoring services and for a FREE no obligation qoute please contact us.